The first transnational meeting of the RunDeal project took place in Malatya last November. The city council of Pego together with other European partners: Association Sport Elcilen Dernegi (Malatya),Turkey, the University of Economics and Business of Athens, and the City Council of Regengos de Monsaratz have started this project which is part of the Erasmus + sport programme and will continue until June this year.

The initiative was financed with European funds and was designed as a project that would complement the environment and sport with the mobility of people between countries. Thus, the main event of this meeting was a race that took place in the Levent Valley. This valley is seen as one of the world’s most precious natural fields for its geological features and was the perfect place to hold the event. More than forty local and international runners from different parts of Europe such as Spain, Portugal and Greece participated in the race. Furthermore, in this first event there were conferences related to sustainable tourism, the importance of taking care of the environment and an exchange of good practices to raise awareness of our nature at the same time that healthy practices are carried out.

The project will continue until the end of June, with more international meetings scheduled in the other partner countries, the next meeting will be in Regengos de Monseraz at the end of March.